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Posted on: November 19, 2019

MTAS Releases Comprehensive Management Report on Police Department & Public Works

In July, 2019, the City of Collegedale’s Board of Commissioners requested a Comprehensive Management Review from MTAS (Municipal Technical Advisory Service of the University of Tennessee). The study is done for cities wanting to improve the overall quality and efficiency of their municipal operations.

On Monday night, November 18, Mayor Katie Lamb presented the Commissioners and City Manager with copies of the final report from MTAS. Consultants from MTAS were on hand to present the findings to the Board and those in attendance at Monday’s Commission meeting.

Two of the City’s largest departments, Public Works and the Police Department, were selected for the intensive study. Rex Barton and David Moore, Police Management Consultants with MTAS, each with over 17 and 25 years of police force experience respectively, conducted the study of the Collegedale Police Department. The CMR focused on the following:

• Overall effectiveness of the police department in delivering police services for the citizens and visitors of Collegedale;
• Morale and satisfaction of employees of the Collegedale Police Department;
• Readiness capability of equipment and fleet of the police department;
• Effectiveness of the department’s training program.

After interviewing a majority of the members of the Collegedale Police Department, MTAS Consultants made six recommendations including 1) Initiate a Strategic Planning process, 2) Pursue law enforcement accreditation, 3) City Manager attend Roll Call Meetings monthly, 4) Publish a regular department annual report, 5) Enhance the departmental website and establish Social Media presence, 6) Develop Citizens Police Academy.

The consultants’ study revealed that a very small number of officers have regularly complained to one or more board members about police department management decisions. In fact, the vast majority of the police officers have few issues with the management of the police department or the City.

Barton and Moore concluded the findings of their report stating, “the Collegedale Police Department is well equipped and well trained. It provides a high level of service to the citizens of Collegedale, and the officers are proud of that level of service. Aside from a very small number of officers, the employees are satisfied with the department and the City. Every organization has hiccups, and this department has experienced some. It appears they have been investigated and appropriate action has been taken.”

The City also requested MTAS to review the organizational structure, management and leadership, staffing levels, operational practices and overall efficiency of the Public Works department and to make recommendations for improvement. Sharon Rollins, Legal and Technical Consulting Program Manager with MTAS, conducted the study of the department.

Thirteen comments/recommendations were presented to the Commission for review including 1) Annual performance reviews, 2) Strengthen Department Communications, 3) Promote professional/technical development, 4) Encourage and motivate staff, 5) Develop written procedures and policies, 6) Strengthen data collection, analysis, 7) Evaluate need to hire additional engineering assistance, 8) Develop plan to increase participation in drop-off recycling program, 9) Develop schedules for street sweeping, etc., 10) Continue plan to increase roadway maintenance expenditures, 11) Proactive in developing an American’s with Disabilities Act transition plan, 12) Proceed with plans to improve
the sewage collection system, 13) Consider a sewer rate study.

Collins concluded her report by stating, “The City of Collegedale should take pride in having a strong Public Works department that provides a high level of public works and wastewater services to its citizens. Leadership is strong; moral is high; teamwork takes place and work gets done. There are opportunities to strengthen services as outlined above. MTAS appreciated the opportunity to work with the City of Collegedale on this review.”

The Board of Commissioners, likewise, took this opportunity to conduct an evaluation of Collegedale City Manager, Ted Rogers. MTAS provided two specialized forms – one designed for input from the Commissioners and one designed for input from Key Managers and the City’s subject matter experts. The forms were sealed and submitted to MTAS Municipal Management Consultant Honna Rogers to summarize. At all levels of ranking, Mr. Rogers’ average total score ranked between 4 and 5, with 4 being above average and 5 being excellent. There were no areas in Rogers’ score that were below average.

Mr. Paul Johnson, CPA, with Johnson, Murphey, and Wright, independent external auditors for the City of Collegedale, presented the finding of his audit on the finances for the City. The audit report was good with Johnson highly commending the city on their excellent efforts to maintain fiscal responsibility.

“Overall, we are pleased with the results of the Comprehensive Management Review by MTAS, as with the exceptional evaluations of City Manager Ted Rogers and the stellar financial audit of our city,” said Mayor Katie Lamb after Monday night’s meeting. “The study from MTAS, a highly qualified outside organization, helped identify areas where we can improve and continue to grow as a City.”

The full MTAS report will be made available on the City’s website at http://www.collegedaletn.gov/index.aspx?NID=380.
MTAS Reports
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